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Moroccan streamer Pokimane launches a podcast to reveal ‘her most embarrassing secrets’

World famous Moroccan streamer Pokimane explains why she wouldn’t “make it” on Twitch if she grew up in Morocco
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Moroccan Pokimane, Imane Anys, the most followed female streamer, has just launched her first podcast, “Don’t Tell Anyone,” where she said she will share her secrets with devoted fans and experiment in a different media genre besides live streaming.

The podcast description on streaming platforms says: “The best stories always start with don’t tell anyone. And Pokimane is finally ready to share her hottest takes and most embarrassing secrets. Every week, we’ll dive into a new topic, covering the internet culture, relationships, money, wellness, beauty standards, and everything in between.”

So far, the Moroccan streamer has released one episode entitled “Things I’ve never admitted online.”

Poki, who talks and plays games on Twitch for a living, said during the podcast that she dreamt of having one for a long time. The first episode traces back to her beginning as a 17-year-old streamer. 

“I started for shits and gigs, and all of a sudden, it’s my carrier,” said the streamer. 

While her fans get a glimpse of her daily life, travels, and business insights, Pokimane will now delve into specific subjects to show people her life from a fresh perspective.

Last month, she was at the center of a controversy after releasing what fans deemed to be overpriced cookies and for calling a fan “idiot” and “broke”.

Despite addressing the matter, many did not appreciate how she backtracked and attacked more fans for the same reason.

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