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Jean-Marie Heydt Presents New Book ‘Mohammed VI, A King’s Vision: Actions and Ambitions’

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During a meeting organized at the Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social Sciences Rabat-Agdal, in the presence of a gathering of academics and students, Heydt shared with the audience the topics covered in his book, reflecting the perspective that this Franco-Swiss academic and writer holds on present-day Morocco, including various political, economic, and social projects and reforms.

Heydt, also a member of the Scientific Council of the Geopolitical Studies Observatory, recalled that this book was published in the context of the twentieth anniversary of HM the King’s accession to the Throne of His glorious ancestors, aiming to highlight Morocco’s role as a regional leader.

The author highlighted the human dimension at the core of the Sovereign’s vision, referring to the Royal Discourse on the first anniversary of the Enthronement of HM King Mohammed VI, which emphasizes « the greatness and importance of the Royal ambitions for the Moroccans. »

« Twenty years later, the result is there, » he stated, noting that the numerous achievements over the past two decades draw their essence from the initial speeches given by the Sovereign, who paved the way for the Kingdom’s development.

In the span of two decades, Morocco, having evolved at least two generations, has become an international center of interest, Heydt pointed out.

For his part, the director of the Cooperation and Partnership Department at the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Residing Abroad, Fouad Benmakhlouf, highlighted Mr. Heydt’s work on the economic, social, and environmental developments in Morocco.

This work, tracing Morocco’s evolution under the reign of HM King Mohammed VI, has been presented at several Moroccan universities, including Mohammed I University in Oujda, Hassan II University in Ain Chock-Casablanca, and Mohammed V University in Rabat, he noted.

In a statement to MAP, Benmakhlouf mentioned that Heydt plans to publish a new work in 2024 on the progress made in the Southern provinces of Morocco, following research that will continue until December 21.

The 181-page book consists of 8 chapters: « social reforms, » « advanced regionalization, » « prelude to advanced status, » « operational phase, » « economic achievements, » « major projects, » and « Morocco and its international environment. »

A Doctor in Comparative Education Sciences from the University of Lyon and a graduate in European Political Studies from the University of Paris, Heydt is a university professor, associate researcher at the Center for Migration Studies at Mohammed I University in Oujda, and a member of the Center for Strategic Studies and Prospective. The author has also chaired the Executive Committee of the North-South Center of the Council of Europe in Lisbon.

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Last modified: décembre 13, 2023
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