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His Majesty King Mohammed VI, ‘Great Wise, Visionary Leader’ – Nicolas Sarkozy

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« His Majesty King Mohammed VI is a man whom I have never ceased to admire and respect. He is an exceptional man and one of the great wise and visionary leaders, » stated Mr. Sarkozy during the presentation ceremony of his latest book Le temps des combats (The Time of Battles).

The event took place in the presence of HM the King’s Advisor André Azoulay, French Ambassador to Morocco Christophe Lecourtier, and a gathering of eminent figures from the political, diplomatic, economic, and cultural spheres.

During the meeting organized by the Council for Development and Solidarity (CDS), the former French president expressed his impression of the Sovereign’s ability to anticipate events and maintain the course of his vision for the Kingdom.

In this respect, Sarkozy further emphasized the « considerable development » that Morocco has experienced in various fields under the leadership of HM the King.

Sarkozy also noted the « exceptional relations » between Morocco and France, describing them as two sister countries. « We share the same interests and relationships, and we are so different but so close, » he said.

« It’s a matter of history and the future […] There is a connection, affection, and mutual understanding between the two countries, » Sarkozy noted, expressing his deep admiration for Morocco and its people.

« I have always felt this closeness with the Moroccans; they are a hospitable and profoundly generous people, » he added.

The ceremony featured the presentation of a commemorative plaque to Sarkozy by the Council for Development and Solidarity. On this occasion, the President of the Council, Mohamed Benamour, highlighted the uniqueness of this exceptional event organized in Rabat, the Capital of Culture and Lights, which continues to develop under the enlightened vision of HM King Mohammed VI.

Such an event, he emphasized, provides an opportunity to discuss major current issues in a constantly changing world.

During the meeting, the former French president shared his analysis of the state of the world and its major geostrategic challenges, and discussed his thoughts on the Europe-Africa relationship.

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Last modified: décembre 13, 2023
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