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Morocco, Marrakech and earthquake among Google’s most searched for 2023

Morocco, Marrakech and earthquake among Google's most searched for 2023
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Morocco continues to be a popular holiday destination despite the terrible earthquake that struck the Kingdom in September.

Based on a Google search report, the luxury travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller put Morocco as number 10 on a list of the top 10 Googled travel locations.

Not only that, the same source indicated that Marrakech is the fifth most googled travel city, which might come as a surprise to many, considering that the earthquake took place in the neighboring region, affecting Marrakech as well.

The travel magazine mentioned that although the country is still recovering, there was a strong reaction from tourists following the earthquake. Travel is not usually the solution to a crisis, but since tourism is one of Morocco’s largest income sources, it helped. 

“Travellers were encouraged to continue visiting the country to explore all it has to offer – and it has plenty. A jewel box of colours, sights and sounds in its cities, and a vast expanse of history and culture beyond – we’re not surprised the support for this gem of a country is in the top 10 this year,” said Conde Nast.

According to the tool Google Trends, Morocco was googled most this year during September, marked by the tragic Al Haouz quake, with people googling various words that are Morocco-related, such as the Morocco earthquake in various languages, the 1969 earthquake, and more.

Last year, Morocco popped up high in several research motors because of the Qatar World Cup, following a very successful run in which the national football team reached the semi-finals.

Back to Conde Nast’s travel list, Malta ranked ninth. Used as the backdrop for many iconic films and TV series such as Gladiator and Game of Thrones. What the magazine did not mention is that Morocco is also a location in which scenes from the two Hollywood blockbusters were shot. Gladiator 2 was partially shot in Morocco on June, before that the production headed to Malta for the rest of the scenes.

Egypt came eighth, being a country with plenty of ancient sites to discover. Thailand, home to 1.430 islands, occupies the seventh spot. Floating in between Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon, Cyprus landed the sixth spot. Nature lovers can spend hours in the sea, enjoying the unique waters and basking in the sun.

Placed fifth, Croatia has been gradually garnering a reputation as a European travel hotspot, as a more affordable holiday destination than some of its neighboring countries.

Known for its exciting restaurants, blue water sanctuaries, and turquoise lagoons, Portugal ranked fourth.

Fan favorite destination, Italy, occupies the third spot. The country is a mishmash of gorgeous fairytale towns, bustling cities, and pristine beaches, explained the magazine.

Not far from Italy and Portugal, Spain holds the second spot in the top 10 googled travel destinations. Known for its good food, hotels, and beaches, the European country remains a widely appreciated travel destination.

Lastly, claiming the first spot is Greece, known for its hiking trails and rustic villages, Greece is a destination that is crowded during the on and off-season. 

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