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Thousands march in Rabat with calls to end normalization with Israel

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Thousands of Moroccans marched Sunday on the streets of Rabat in solidarity with Gaza, voicing their support and calling for an end to Israeli aggression.

Protesters burned the Israeli flag and called for an end to normalization with the Jewish state.

People of all ages, draped in Palestinian flags and Keffiyehs, called for being on the right side of history and calling off Morocco’s normalization with Israel.

Abdellah Bouanou, a leader of the Justice and Development Party, whose former Secretary-General, Saadeddine El Othmani, signed the normalization agreement with Isreal spoke to Hespress AR about  “the necessity of closing the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, and stopping the normalization process with Tel Aviv.”

Some of the protestors’ messages written on signs said things like “backtrack on normalizing with child murdering Israel. Don’t be on the wrong side of history, stop the genocide.”

“Humanity before politics. Palestine, Rabat is with you,” said another sign.

As opposed to previous marches, this one was much more organized, as protestors remained in the center of the street, allowing people passing by to get to their desired destinations without a problem. 

At first, the protestors weren’t allowed to march by the parliament headquarters, but after a few hours, they were granted access to that central street.

All over Morocco, similar initiatives have been programmed in different cities, showing Moroccan people’s stand of solidarity with Palestine.

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