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Lekjaa promises teacher salary raise after months of general strikes

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Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget Faouzi Lekjaa announced that the government is determined to increase the wages of  education professionals.

This came during Lekjaa’s response to the advisors in the discussion session of the 2024 draft finance law in the second chamber today, Wednesday.

“Difficult and exceptional circumstances will not prevent us from improving the income of education professionals, out of our belief that their role is essential,” stressing that the strategic social construction planned and led by King Mohammed VI “cannot be achieved without strong education that will shape rising future generations.”

Lekjaa added that the government “is aware of the professionals’ struggle and will work to implement changes, and to ensure the dignity of teachers,” adding: “We also because we believe that this is a real investment in the rising and subsequent generations.”

The government official stressed that “the government believes that the middle class is crucial for building modern societies,” highlighting that the government came in the 2024 finance bill to “subsidize housing and addressed wage problems related to a number of sectors.”

“Were these measures sufficient to limit the repercussions of inflation?” The answer is no,” explained Lekjaa, saying: “Because today there is no economic direct action that enables any country in the world to immediately eliminate inflation, we have to double efforts, and the main goal we are chasing regarding the middle class is improving income.”

The minister stated: “We must be more bold, whether in the public sector or the private sector, to improve the income of working people,” stressing that “despite constraints the government faces, we will approve an increase in wages for teachers and education professionals.”

The government seems to have resolved the salary issue, which is now expected to be formally announced after the Executive’s upcoming meeting with education unions.

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