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Moroccan students’ math, reading, science scores plunge in global education assessment

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Moroccan pupils ranked 71st in mathematics, 79th in reading, and 76th in science among the 81 evaluated countries in the Programme for International Student Assessment by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

According to a Ministry of National Education report, Moroccan public school students scored lower than the OECD-affiliated countries’ average.

In mathematics, Moroccan students obtained 356 points compared to 368 in the 2018 session, and 365 in science, a decrease of 12 points from 2018.

In reading, they scored 339 points, a decline of 20 points from the previous session’s 359 points.

tioMorocco ranked 71st in mathematics, 79th in reading, and 76th in science among the 81 evaluated countries, falling by nine ranks in the latter two fields.

The Ministry acknowledged that these results highlighted the crisis in basic learning control among public education students, stressing the need for an urgent, transparent approach.

The Ministry began implementing reforms in pioneer institutions since September 2023, focusing on revising teaching methods, addressing learning obstacles, and conducting individual assessments monitored by external partners.

The initial evaluation indicated significant improvements in the control over evaluated abilities and competencies among students in second to sixth levels of primary school within Al-Reyadah schools.

The Ministry emphasized the collaborative effort of educational teams, including teachers, directors, inspectors, regional directorates, and academies, stating that this cooperative work led to noticeable progress in students’ levels.

The plan involves expanding the experience to 2,000 primary institutions annually, with the goal of reaching all primary institutions by 2026. Additionally, the experiment will extend to certain preparatory high schools starting from the 2024/2025 school year for secondary school institutions.

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