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International seminar addresses protection of migrant women in Morocco, Spain

Rabat: International seminar addresses protection of migrant women in Morocco, Spain
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An international seminar organized by the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) in Rabat, in collaboration with the Barcelona Bar Association’s Human Rights Observatory (ICAB) tackled the issue migrant women protection in Morocco and Spain.

The event, aligning with global migration dynamics, aimed to delve into the complex challenges faced by migrant women and propose concerted approaches.

CNDH President Amina Bouayach highlighted the specific challenges associated with the migration of women, including discrimination, exploitation, vulnerability, and human trafficking. Emphasizing the commitment to migrants’ fundamental rights, she stressed the importance of safe, orderly, and regular migration to ensure effective protection.

ICAB Co-President Erika Torregrossa urged intensified efforts by governments, institutions, and civil society to ensure migrant women’s access to justice, equity, and empowerment. The meeting served as a platform to discuss the integration of migrant women into professional and social spheres, emphasizing the need for recommendations and solutions for the promotion of their rights.

The cooperation between Spain and Morocco on migration issues was commended, acknowledging the dialogue and collaboration established over the years. The seminar, attended by experts from both countries, addressed key themes such as migratory dynamics, protection of migrants’ rights, and mechanisms for human rights protection.

The discussions provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by migrant women, with the goal of formulating concrete recommendations to improve their situation and strengthen their protection in the migratory context between Morocco and Spain.

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